Resources on surface Science & Engineering

Surface Science and Engineering is a multi-million Dollar business. Several companies and laboratories are working very actively in this field. Several Surface Analytical tools have been developed and commercialized all over the world.
Several workshops have been conducted by Professor Subrahmanyam on Surface Engineering, Thin Films and vacuum Technology. Some of the videos and basics of kelvin probe are available in the Resources.

Sl.No Caption Author Download Link
1 KelvinProbe-detailed A.Subrahmanyam Download

Lectures :

Sl.No Caption Speaker Download Link
1 Lecture 1 : Scope and Basics A.Subrahmanyam Download
2 Lecture 2 : Surface Energy Cleaning A.Subrahmanyam Download
3 Lecture-3 : Surface Analytical Tools A.Subrahmanyam Download
4 Lecture 4 : Bio medical implants A.Subrahmanyam Download
5 Lecture 5 : Microscopy of surfaces Somnath Chand Roy Download
6 Lecture 6 : Potential of Kelvin Probe A.Subrahmanyam Download
7 Lecture 7 : Surface Engineering and Tribology Dr.B.Venkataraman Download
8 Lecture 8 : Introduction to Kelvin Probe A.Subrahmanyam Download
9 Lecture 9 : Scanning Probe Microscopy of Surfaces Dr Sudakar Chandran Download
10 Lecture 10 : Microscopy of surfaces Somnath Chand Roy Download
11 Lecture 11 : The electrochemistry of surfaces Ramasubramanian Download

Please watch this space as more information is being added periodically.

Videos :

Basics of Kelvin Probe

Surface Thermodynamics – I

Surface Engineering Jamshedpur – Part #1