SurfScientek is manufacturing Kelvin Probe Equipment for Surface Work function measurements. Surface work function is different from the bulk work function.
Definition of work function: Energy required to remove an electron from the Fermi level to the vacuum level.
Definition of Surface work function: Energy required to remove a surface electron from the Surface Fermi level to the vacuum level.
Measurement of Surface work function is a measurement of surface Fermi level.
Surfaces are highly reactive and preserving and duplication of surfaces are extremely difficult. You can find more details of the surfaces and surface engineering and basics of Kelvin probe for surface work function measurements in the “Resources on Surfaces Engineering”.
TWO models have been designed for the measurement of Surface work function; the main features of these two models are:

  • Ease of operation
  • User friendly software for easy manoeuvring
  • Probe is calibrated and highly shielded against all noise
  • Accuracy in Work function measurement till 10 Microvolts
  • The Company provides TWO years warranty on the products.

NOTE: If you have any old Kelvin probe equipment (by any manufacturer), you can exchange with a brand new Kelvin probe at a good discounted price. Please contact us with details.

Kelvin probe for Surface Workfunction Measurement