People behind the Start-up:

Professor A.Subrahmanyam(IIT Madras, Chennai) and Mr Siddaram Shabadi (Ex-Scientist from BARC) are the founders of Surfscientek Pvt Ltd.
Professor Subrahmanyam has about 35 Years of experience in Academia. He has developed a laboratory for Metal Oxide thin films. He specializes in Reactive DC and RF magnetron sputtering.
Professor Subrahmanyam (along with Dr Suresh Kumar) has written the first book on Kelvin Probe:

Kelvin Probe for Surface Engineering- Fundamentals and Design (Published by M/s Ane Books in India and by CRC Press in USA)

Mr Siddaram Shabadi is basically a Spectroscopist and later specialized in Vacuum technology and Surface analysis.
Primary focus of these TWO Scientists is to design and manufacture an accurate and cost effective Surface analytical tool which is non-destructive and non-contact in nature: the result is the most versatile Kelvin Probe for Surface Work-function Measurements.

About the company:

Surfscienteck is a start-up company founded in February 2017. Main focus of the company is to design and manufacture Kelvin probe technique for Surface Work function measurements.
The first laboratory model of the Kelvin Probe has been developed by Dr Subrahmanyam way back in 1989 with the support of Department of Science and Technology (DST). The complete machine with Surface Photovoltage (SPV) technique is built in 2007.
The idea of commercialization of the Kelvin Probe is initiated in 2016
DST has supported the effort (under Instrument Development Program – IDP).

The TWO models of the Beta versions are ready.